Bayer Charity Bush Walk

Last week a group of people from Bayer (and a few guests) tackled the relatively tricky 13km Cowan to Brooklyn walk. At Bayer employees get 1 day a year off to raise money or work for a charity - and this was a unique take on that notion. The idea was to raise or pay $25 per person to walk and to my joy they chose Candlelight as the recipient. We walked down to Jerusalem Bay which was pretty easy and it was there I was able to address the group letting them know that up to 300 parents will be sleeping by their sick childs bed and how they would love to be out on a day like we had in the place we were. After this the walk got mean :-). It was a pretty challenging walk but the reward was the cold beer and some food at the end. It was a pretty big success with us raising $705. Another part of Bayers GIVE program is that they will match this dollar for dollar leaving Candlelight with $1,410. And we are already planning next years walk but will be looking at something a little less difficult. A huge thanks goes out to Paul Mensforth for coming up with the idea and choosing Candlelight.